Four Things A New Foster Parent Should Strive For

If you are thinking about becoming a foster parent, you might assume that you are up for the challenge. Foster care agencies will screen your background and your home to make sure that you can provide a safe, stable environment for a foster child. Beyond that, here are four things that you can build on […]

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Adoption 101: Five Tips For Making Your New Child Feel Welcome

When you adopt a child—especially an older child—the process can sometimes be stressful, scary, and challenging for the child. After all, older children have likely been through a slew of homes—from foster homes to orphanages, the process can be anxiety-ridden for both adoptive parents and children. Once you have been approved with the adoption agency […]

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Taking Children To A Funeral Service

Very young children won’t know what’s going on at a funeral while older children and teenagers are more likely to understand death and the loss of a loved one. Ultimately, it’s your call whether you take your child to a funeral, but there are a few questions you can ask yourself if you’re waffling back […]

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